What is Jesus Collective all about?

God is at work raising up a movement of churches, leaders, and organizations all around the world that are passionate about advancing a Jesus-centred, Jesus-looking Kingdom.

But the movement is still fragmented and without an identifiable core. We believe the time is right to unite, equip, and amplify this Jesus-centred, third way movement.

So what does that mean?

Who is Jesus Collective for?

We want to unite with passionate Jesus-centred pastors, leaders, churches, and ministries who:

  • Resonate with Jesus-centred values of peace, simplicity, community, and non-violent enemy love and have a high value for scripture, whether or not you consider yourself Anabaptist.
  • Believe that now is the time to bring together and resource this movement to give it more voice and make it more identifiable.
  • Are hungry for belonging, equipping, and developing to support forward-thinking mission and growth in a post-Christian culture.
  • Value learning and best practice sharing among an extended family of aligned but diverse leaders and church expressions.
  • Value the use of technology to help overcome geographic barriers, enable resource sharing, and build diverse leadership community.
  • Are part of an existing church or ministry that could benefit from and contribute to the strength of the movement.

Who's behind Jesus Collective?

The Meeting House church (in Ontario, Canada) is initially helping to bring Jesus Collective together. We’ve been journeying with a number of churches along the way and have also conducted research to learn more about the needs of the broader movement. We aspire to collaborate together to create a network that is about way more than any one church, uniting and resourcing leaders, churches, denominations, and ministries from across the movement.

We’re committed to discerning the Spirit’s leading and are actively seeking out others who are passionate about this opportunity and want to shape and guide the formation of Jesus Collective together in its early stages.

What Kingdom value could Jesus Collective create?

Our discernment and research has identified three initial areas of primary need. The aim of Jesus Collective is to create a relational network that would serve like-minded churches and leaders by creating Kingdom value in each of these areas:

What does Jesus Collective believe?

Our roots are in the Anabaptist radical reformation, but we’re not hung up on labels. While we value our history and tradition, we’re most interested in uniting around the Jesus-centered theology, values, and Kingdom vision we share in common with more and more Jesus followers around the world.

We want to help give shape and voice to a solid theological core for the movement to rally around while also modeling a third way ethos – creating space to wrestle with cultural issues while embracing and learning from those with whom we disagree.

You can learn more about Jesus Collective’s core theological distinctives by clicking below.