The Inner Life of a Jesus-Centred Leader

Lead from your own transformation

As thoughtful Christian leaders, our highest priority in these challenging times is to lead from our own transformation. More than ever, the church of Jesus needs deeply-formed spiritual leaders. This means we must lead non-anxiously, from the best possible place of rootedness in Jesus. As our world becomes more complex, polarized, unsettled, and secular, the priority for leaders (like you) to lead from a place of spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and relational wholeness is of the utmost importance. The unfolding Jesus-centred movement is calling for leaders to invest in cultivating a deeper sense of being’ vs. simply adding more doing’ to our lives.

While the negative realities of neglecting our inner worlds has emerged this past year within the church landscape, the upside of leading from our own transformation is exponential. The personal renewal of the leader always overflows into communal and organizational vibrancy. This is even more important for congregations in seasons of uncertainty and change.

Making Jesus central to our leadership is what Jesus Collective is all about, and we believe the time is right. Join us for this six-week, cohort-based, transformational experience and invest in your ongoing spiritual and emotional health.

# Who’s this for?

Leaders in North America, Europe, and beyond who are:

  • Entering their late 20s to early 30s and realizing that talents alone will not sustain thriving leadership over the long haul
  • Entering their late 30s to mid 40s and evaluating their best fit in ministry while taking stock of how to thrive in leadership over the coming decade of service
  • Entering their early 50s to mid 60s and seeking greater emotional and spiritual health so they can create a Jesus-centred organizational legacy that empowers the next generation of leaders
  • Feeling stuck and wanting to take their spiritual, emotional, and personal growth to the next level
  • Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with the pressure of ministry leadership and ready to make changes
  • Looking to prioritize healthy boundaries and spiritual rhythms in 2022
  • Needing a safe, brave, and supportive community to cheer them on in their inner work

# Together, we’ll explore

  • Practical tools and transformational practices to equip you in Jesus-centred spirituality in your ministry context
  • Your vision for transformation and how it can equip you to lead/​preach from greater depth
  • How the true self/​false self tension is central to Jesus-centred transformation
  • How our past impacts our present and future but doesn’t have to sabotage either
  • How neuroscience impacts spiritual formation and equips our ongoing transformation
  • How paying attention to your emotions can lead to spiritual and relational transformation
  • How to recognize and evaluate your coping strategies and compulsions
  • How to reclaim hope and joy in your own life

# What can I expect?

  • Cohort-based learning and processing
  • Curated resources including podcasts, articles, talks, and books to help you better understand emotional, relational, and spiritual health
  • Group spiritual direction by a professional Spiritual Director/​Coach
  • Curated spiritual practices for reflection and greater awareness of the true self/​false self
  • Relational learning and processing engagement via an online learning platform
  • A safe/​brave community in which participants will be asked to exercise vulnerability and compassionate curiosity
  • Theological diversity in the cohort as we remain committed to being Jesus-centred

# What others are saying

Over the course of the past several years, I’ve felt an increased leadership burden. The Jesus Collective OLC was a game changer for me; I now feel more optimistic in my ministry and leadership.” ‑Evan, Lead Pastor

This is like a treasure I didn’t know I was looking for. When I look back at the monumental moments in my faith, this will be one of them.” ‑Melanie, Pastor 

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# Course Leaders

Who’s leading this Online Learning Collective?

Jon Hand app

Jon Hand

Online Learning Collective Course Facilitator

I’m a third-generation pastor and life-long student of pastoral ministry. I’ve been in pastoral ministry for over two decades, working as a youth pastor, church planter, denominational leader, consultant to business leaders and churches, and pastor to pastors. I’m an ICF Professional Level Coach, provide Enneagram informed soul coaching for personal transformation to church and business leaders in the US, Canada, and UK. I’m co-founder of Transformational Coaching and am a Kineo Coach. I also give leadership to the equipping and leadership formation aspects of Jesus Collective.


Cyd Holsclaw

Online Learning Collective Course Facilitator

I’ve had many career changes — from professional musician to classroom teacher, outdoor adventure guide to factory worker, foundation administrator to stay-at-home mom, children’s ministry director to pastor. Currently I find great joy in providing spiritual direction and coaching, and I serve as a pastor at a Vineyard Church. I received my spiritual direction training from the Order of Sustainable Faith and am currently working on my Professional Coaching Certification from the International Coach Federation. I coach ministry leaders and other professionals and provide coaching to the Ecclesia Network and Kineo. 

# Questions?

Contact Jon Hand, Jesus Collective Leadership Development Pastor