May 13, 2021
2:00 PM — 6:00 PM ET

We’re so pumped for Jesus Collective’s first-ever Partner Summit! While our hope is to one day host this event in person, this season we’re embracing the digital reality and looking forward to connecting with our entire (increasingly global!) network. 

We’re excited to celebrate what God is doing in and through us, to deepen relationships and make some new ones, to welcome new Partners, tackle some Jesus-centred theology — all those good things. But the real gold of the Partner Summit is that this is where we, as Partners, lean in to live out our collective ownership of this network. This is where we practice community discernment — listening to what God is saying to us and speaking into the vision & priorities for the season(s) to come. 

This is going to be so good, friends. Save the date and join us for this milestone event!

# Summit Schedule — Eastern Time

  • 2:00 PM — Centring Ourselves Relationally & Spiritually
  • 2:30 PM — Partner Inductions
  • 2:40 PM — Communal Discernment re: Vision
  • 4:00 PM — Break (grab your Happy Hour goods)
  • 4:10 PM — Happy Hour (Food & Drinks Together’)
  • 4:30 PM — Communal Discernment re: Theology
  • 5:50 PM — Summit Wrap Up

# Videos

# FAQs

Even though most of our Partners are concentrated in a few time zones, Jesus Collective is a growing global network. The time for the Summit reflects our need to schedule an all-Partners event at a time that can span the most time zones possible. While we recognize that this makes our Summit time a less standard block for our North American friends, it’s a beautiful way for us to embrace our international family.

We know setting aside four hours for anything takes work and is sometimes impossible. If you can only attend part of the Summit, we’d encourage you to join us for Part 1 which includes our time of community discernment. We expect God to use these conversations to shape Jesus Collective for the season(s) to come and we want to be on that journey together with you! 

This event is FREE! The Partner Summit is included in your partnership, but this year we’re grateful that the virtual format also means there are no travel or accommodation expenses!

The Partner Summit is for Jesus Collective Partners and those exploring Partnership. So if you’re a member of a Church Partnership, we hope you’ll bring your teammates to the Summit, and if your spouse is part of that team, then yes as well! 

The Summit is a great opportunity to experience Jesus Collective’s DNA & values, and to meet and build relationships with other Partners. If you’re exploring Partnership and have landed here by invitation from someone on the Jesus Collective team, then we’re hoping you WILL attend the Summit and get a taste of what Partnership in our network looks like.

Yes! We’re called Collective” for a reason. If event planning is part of your portfolio, or if any of the programming elements are things in your wheelhouse (leading a spiritual practice, facilitating a breakout, etc), we want to leverage the best of our Partners for our Partners. Please reach out!

It may be a virtual Summit this year, but we know there’s still so much power in community downtime and in eating & sharing a drink together. That’s why we have a 20-minute break between sessions for Partners to grab food/​drinks and make their way back to Happy Hour. These breakout rooms will be designed to provide as much of the shared-meal scenario as a virtual space will allow. No food or drink is strictly necessary for participation, but don’t be too quick to rule it out just because Happy Hour is happening at an odd time in your time zone. Mimosas are standard brunch fare! 

# Register For the Summit

Please RSVP individually, even if you’re part of a Church Partnership