Jesus-Centred Preaching in a Complex World
February 10 & 17, 1:00 – 5:15PM ET

Join us for a two-day learning experience all about preaching with Jesus at the centre. Together, we’ll participate in plenary sessions focused on the character of the preacher, why Jesus-centred preaching matters, and how to preach to post-Christian people. 

We also have choose-your-own-adventure style workshops that will really help us engage with specific topics, ask questions, and practically apply what we’re learning. Participants can choose two out of the five scheduled workshops, but don’t worry — you’ll get access to all the content afterwards as part of the experience. 

During the sessions and workshops, we’ll be hearing from experienced preachers including Mark Scandrette, Bruxy Cavey, Leanne Friesen, Shannon Polk, Brian Ross, Jeremy Duncan, Annette Brownlee, and more amazing Jesus-centred leaders. 

Heads up: Registration is limited so sign up today! 

Here’s a breakdown of all the sessions:

  • The Character of the Preacher with Leanne Friesen
  • Jesus-centred Preaching that Equips People to Live Like Jesus with Mark Scandrette
  • Preaching to Post-Christian Cultures with Brian Ross
  • Forming Radical Disciples through Jesus-centred Preaching with Rici Skei

Here’s a breakdown of all the workshops:

  • Workshop A: Preaching that Facilitates Racial and Cultural Diversity
    with Shannon Polk

    Learn how preaching has the power to move a church toward greater inclusion of racial, economic, and cultural diversity to better reflect diverse communities and the Kingdom of God.
  • Workshop B: Preaching Prep: 6 Steps for Turning Research into a Transformational Sermon
    with Annette Brownlee

    New to preaching or just looking for a brush up? This workshop will equip you with practical ways to prepare a transformational, Jesus-centred sermon.
  • Workshop C: Preaching to Gen Z and Young Millennials
    with Jeremy Duncan

    The most unchurched generation in modern history is Gen Z. What do you need to know about preaching that can help you better connect these younger generations to Jesus?
  • Workshop D: Preaching to Secular-Minded People 
    with Brian Ross

    Many cultures in North America and Europe are now 2 – 3 generations removed from any Christian witness. What should we be doing in our preaching to ensure we’re connecting with educated, secular-minded people who need us to translate the Gospel into their language and value systems?
  • Workshop E: Preaching that Transforms Churchianity into Jesus Centricity
    with Bruxy Cavey

    The message of Jesus is scandalous and powerful, but it often gets watered down by religiosity. Learn how preaching can help move a bounded-set congregation beyond mere beliefs about Jesus to practices of following Jesus at the centre of their lives.

Registration Details

  • Includes live access to all four main sessions and two workshops on February 10 and 17, plus access to all recorded workshop content after the event.

Jesus Collective Partner Rate:
$50 CAD + admin fee
Approx $40 USD + admin fee

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Non-Partner Rate:
$95 CAD + admin fee
Approx. $75 USD + admin fee


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