Welcome to the movement.

We’re a group of Jesus followers who believe the time is right to unite, equip, and amplify a movement that is all about Jesus. We believe a more connected, relational network of churches and leaders could give greater unity, voice, and visibility to this Jesus-centred, third-way movement, develop and support future-ready leaders, and equip more churches to make more disciples in a post-Christian context.

We’re committed to discerning the Spirit’s leading and are actively seeking out others who are passionate about this vision and want to shape and guide the formation of Jesus Collective in these early stages. If that’s you, connect with us or get involved.

Registration is now open for UNITE 2020!

Joins us for 2 days of forming relationships, shaping the launch of Jesus Collective, and tackling key issues facing our churches and ministries, asking the important questions: “What does Kingdom unity look like in polarizing times?”

Details & Registration

Jesus Collective Podcast

Hear engaging conversations with leaders from across the Jesus-centred movement, as we equip one another for Jesus-centred life and leadership, and give shape to this new relational network called Jesus Collective.

Featuring archived episodes of our Online Interactive Podcast series, and a variety of other recorded goodies.

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We recently had the opportunity to discuss the vision for Jesus Collective with a special panel of guests and our host Maggie John. Check this out to track with the conversation.
Check out Greg Boyd’s teaching about how this is our kingdom moment, in support of Jesus Collective.