Partnership is the relational backbone of Jesus Collective – the fabric that weaves our network together. Partners are the churches, ministries, and individual leaders that are relationally connected to the Jesus Collective community and engaged in the vision and ongoing mission of the network. They’re our peeps. They’re our Family.

This is an amazing, short, captivating quote from a partner, maybe with some cool photo graphics on the side of the person who said it.” 

– Barnie the Dinosaur

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# More about Partnership

Partners share Jesus Collective’s vision and centred-set, third way paradigm and participate in the activities of the network together. We’re all different shapes and sizes and come from different places and backgrounds, but what we have in common is our passion and commitment for placing Jesus at the centre of our lives and ministries, and a desire to be part of a centered-set community committed to helping form and Jesus-centred leaders and Jesus-centered churches.

There are a few different ways to become a Jesus Collective Partner. Which one is right for you?


# What Our Partners Are Saying


# Partnership Highlights

Partner Hubs

Hubs are the main way we stay connected, build relationships, and share learning among groups of Jesus Collective Partners. Hubs meet monthly and are led by peer Partners who are equipped and supported by Jesus Collective. 

  • 10- 15 people, etc.
  • Geographic or context based
  • Hubs in North America and other countries

Partner Summit

We’re excited to celebrate what God is doing in and through us, to deepen relationships and make some new ones, to welcome new Partners, tackle some Jesus-centred theology — all those good things. But the real gold of the Partner Summit is that this is where we, as Partners, lean in to live out our collective ownership of this network. This is where we practice community discernment — listening to what God is saying to us and speaking into the vision & priorities for the season(s) to come.