Invest in Jesus Collective, a network that amplifies the Jesus-centred movement

I left feeling refreshed, re-energized, and equipped for the season of ministry we are entering. I strongly encourage anyone that is looking for a larger family of Jesus centered people … to check out Jesus Collective!
- Keith Smith, Pastor & Jesus Collective Partner, Wooster, OH

At Jesus Collective we exist to amplify this movement, provide resource and relationship for those who choose to participate in a more hopeful Jesus-centered Christianity.

If you reside in Canada or anywhere else in the world, you’ll be able to donate to Jesus Collective via PayPal. 
If you reside in the U.S. you’ll be able to donate via PayPal to Friends of Jesus Collective Inc.

# Will You Consider a Monthly Donation?

When you give to Jesus Collective, your gift will change lives. Those changed lives will multiply your gift as they disciple communities around them towards Jesus-Centered transformation.

It has been a blessing to connect with other pastors and leaders from my area also seeking to lead in a Jesus-centered way. Our hub times include a great mix of spiritual practice, relationship, and resourcing.
- John Hau, Pastor, Jesus Collective Partner & Leader, Vancouver, BC

Becoming a Kingdom Builder

Your gift will:

  • Launch Learning Labs that equip church leaders with new innovations and methods to better engage our cultural moment
  • Create more leadership communities for peer equipping and applying Jesus-centred approaches in diverse contexts
  • Equip fresh theological articulations to inspire a new generation with the relevancy of Jesus in our time
  • Equip church leaders to disciple their congregations through polarization and judgementalism
  • Enable Jesus Collective to experiment with new ways to equip business leaders with Jesus-centred approaches to using power, stewarding wealth, and engaging the marketplace with the relevancy of Jesus
  • Give leaders practical tools to inspire churches and organizations to use their power and privilege to bring healing to those on the margins
  • Invest in needed training for young and emerging church leaders to effectively engage secular people with the relevancy of Jesus in this cultural moment
  • Develop our digital platform to share Jesus-centred tools, resources, and transformational learning experiences

By investing in Jesus-centred leaders, your gift will be multiplied across many ministries!

From the Jesus Collective Community