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Monday, January 15, 2024

War, what is it good for?

I am drawn to the actions of Jesus who responded to the violence of an occupying super power, not with violence or rage, but with forgiveness and an invitation to be healed.”


These are relational online learning and equipping hangouts for like-minded leaders to wrestle with what Jesus-centred living and leadership means while learning from and engaging interactively with thought and practice leaders from this growing Jesus-centred movement.

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Unite Series 01: How Can a Church Centered on Jesus Surrender Power in a World Obsessed With Control? With David Fitch

Welcome to Episode 1 in our Unite Series. We are exploring themes we will dive deeper into at our global Unite Gathering on April 24 – 26, 2024 in St. Paul, MN. In this episode, Paul Walker and Christie Penner Worden sit down with Northern Seminary Professor David Fitch to talk about his new book (January 30, 2024) called Reckoning with Power: Why the Church Fails When it’s On the Wrong Side of Power. Dave, Paul, and Christie have a practical and honest conversation about what happens when the church unknowingly bases its power assumption on a secular operating system. This conversation surfaces important mistakes the church is making in our time and what we can do to align ourselves with Jesus in how we lead and operate communities of Jesus in our cultural moment. 


Check out Dave’s forthcoming book Reckoning with Power

Past Episodes

March 20, 2024

Lent Series 02: Understanding the Cross with Brad Jersak

1 hr 10 min

Join author and theologian Brad Jersak as we embark on a journey into the depths of the Cross. From Abbotsford, BC, Brad, the Principal of St. Stephen’s University, shares his personal evolution of understanding, moving away from the doctrine of penal substitution and towards a non-violent interpretation of atonement. Delving into the landscape of atonement theories, Brad challenges us to broaden our perspectives and embrace the endless mystery and meaning of the Cross. Reflecting on his influential book Stricken By God?” and the changing ecclesial landscape, Brad offers valuable insights for pastors and church leaders seeking to preach a deeper understanding of Jesus’ death, emphasizing the need to approach the Cross with fresh eyes and avoid reductionism. We hope this episode helps you explore the profound truths of the Crucified God. 

Visit the website for St. Stephen’s University at www​.ssu​.ca

Also, there’s still time to register for Unite! Details are here: www​.jesus​col​lec​tive​.com/​unite

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March 1, 2024

Lent Series 01: The Wood Between the Worlds with Brian Zahnd

1 hr 4 min

There’s a mystery and a question at the heart of the cross. In his new book The Wood Between the Worlds,” pastor and author Brian Zahnd passionately explores the kaleidoscopic and Theo-poetic nature of the cross, cautioning against misconceptions and urging a recapture of its scandal and shock in a world where it has become a mere religious cliché. From the Crucified God at the center of theology to a Trinitarian co-suffering perspective, Zahnd tackles profound questions about the cross, offering insights into the problem of evil and notions of justice while giving valuable advice for preachers seeking to expand congregational imagination. Join us for a captivating exploration of beauty, art, and poetic theology surrounding the cross, inviting listeners to embrace the mystery and significance of this symbol not just during Lent but throughout their theological journey. 

Don’t forget to check out Unite! Details are here: www​.jesus​col​lec​tive​.com/​unite

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February 14, 2024

Unite Series 04: Jesus Shaped Peacemaking in a Polarized World With Issa Ebombolo

1 hr 1 min

Join us on an inspiring episode as we delve into the transformative power of unity and reconciliation with our special guest, Issa Sadi Ebombolo. Issa currently serves as the Peacebuilding Coordinator at the Mennonite Central Committee in Zambia and Malawi and brings a wealth of experience and hope to the conversation. From sharing impactful stories of reconciliation emerging from the Peace Clubs in Zambia to exploring the role of a unified church in addressing societal polarization, Issa provides valuable insights and practical strategies. As the former chair of the MCC Africa Peace Network, he offers a hopeful perspective on fostering unity in diverse cultural contexts and shares a message for North American church leaders on leading with a commitment to reconciliation. Tune in to discover the positive impact of peacebuilding, learn from successful initiatives, and explore practical steps for creating a more hopeful and unified church environment in today’s polarized world. 

Don’t forget to check out Unite! Details are here: www​.jesus​col​lec​tive​.com/​unite

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