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These are relational online learning and equipping hangouts for like-minded leaders to wrestle with what Jesus-centred living and leadership means while learning from and engaging interactively with thought and practice leaders from this growing Jesus-centred movement.

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December 16, 2022

Shifting How We View God and Scripture

This podcast is the second part of an ongoing series that is exploring Five Statements of a New Reformation. In this episode we’re joined by Brad Jersak who walks us through why we need a more Christlike God, and what it means to read Scripture with Jesus at the centre. We all carry around ideas, images, and experiences of God. It’s important to unearth these stories, these experiences, and pictures of God, because the God we imagine is the God we become like. So what is God like? The witness of Scripture is that God is like Jesus — Jesus is what God has to say! And this radical truth reshapes everything.

Past Episodes

December 12, 2022

How Can We Amplify a Jesus-Centred Movement Together in 2023?

39 min

We’re winding down 2022 with a look back at the year and what’s ahead for 2023!
The Jesus Collective Core Leadership Team shares about our vision and future initiatives. Tip — there’s opportunities you’re going to want to be part of!
Listen to their chat about that and what’s coming for the new year: fundraising for the mission, progress on leadership development, ways to engage, and a year end fiscal update.

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December 7, 2022

Listening to the Spirit Together with Tania Harris | UNITE '22

21 min

What does it mean to hear God’s voice? Why isn’t this aspect of faith a normal part of all Christian leaders’ experience with God? How can we tell when we’re hearing the voice of God? What difference does it make if we have a Jesus-centred approach to hearing the voice of God? These are some of the challenging questions that Tania Harris powerfully addresses in this talk.

Want more content from Tania? Check out her book God Conversations” and her blog of the same name at https://​www​.god​con​ver​sa​tions​.com/

Jesus Collective exists to provide relationships and resources to amplify a Jesus-centred movement, and we seek to embody a more hopeful vision of following Jesus in our cultural moment. We hope you find this conversation meaningful and that it equips you in your journey!.

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November 30, 2022

Creating a Culture of Belonging in a Polarized Age

1 hr min

This podcast episode is part of an ongoing series that is exploring five statements of a new reformation. We’re joined by Professor Mark Baker who discusses our fifth statement: The church is defined by our shared centre, not by the lines we draw. Dr. Baker discusses the difference between a bounded set (obsessing over boundaries) and fuzzy set approach (erasing all boundaries) to offer a radically alternative model of community — a centred-set approach.
Check out more resources from Dr. Baker and his series Centered-Set Church.

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