Online and in-person events are an important way for us to forge relationships, sharpen our Jesus-centred theology and paradigm, and be formed and equipped together for ministry.

We host a range of events, gatherings, and learning opportunities in various shapes and formats. Check back regularly to stay in the loop. We look forward to seeing you soon!

# Featured Event

Podcast 1

Live Podcast: Shifting How We View God and Scripture

As we conclude our series on a new sort of reformation, we’ve saved the best for last: God looks exactly like Jesus.

We all carry around ideas, images, and experiences of God. It’s important to unearth these stories, these experiences, and pictures of God, because the God we imagine is the God we become like. So what is God like? The witness of Scripture is that God is like Jesus — Jesus is what God has to say! And this radical truth reshapes everything.

Brad Jersak will walk us through why we need a more Christlike God, and what it means to read Scripture with Jesus at the centre.

Jesus Collective exists to provide relationships and resources to amplify a Jesus-centred movement, and we seek to embody a more hopeful vision of following Jesus in our cultural moment. We hope you find this conversation meaningful and that it equips you in your journey!

December 16, 2022

# Online Learning Collectives

Jesus-centred Leadership Formation is one of our key areas of focus. We’re excited to be offering a series of Online Learning Collectives – six-week, cohort-based formation experiences featuring facilitated small group learning, weekly spiritual practices, live interaction with thought leaders, one-on-one coaching, interactive online forums, and curated learning resources.

Who are these for?

Lead/​Senior pastors; leaders of Christian organizations; staff pastors or ministry leaders in multi-staff churches; youth, family, and discipleship pastors; new leaders to ministry; and leaders new to an Anabapt-ish,” Jesus-centred approach to ministry and discipleship.

Featured Online Learning Collectives

At Jesus Collective, our number one priority as Christian leaders is to be intentional about our inner life and leading from our own transformation. Check out our upcoming cohort-based, relational learning experience and invest in your ongoing internal health to transform yourself and the people & communities you lead.

Want to experience an Online Learning Collective?

# Live Podcasts

These are relational, online learning and equipping hangouts – a safe space for like-minded leaders to wrestle with what Jesus-centred living and leadership means while learning from and engaging interactively with thought and practice leaders from this growing Jesus-centred movement.

In each live podcast, attendees can interact with our featured guest(s) and each other through a live discussion and Q&A time and join smaller break-out rooms to meet others and process the topic together. The content will be challenging and provide some practical equipping ideas that can make a difference in our everyday Jesus-centred life and leadership. 

Featured conversations are listed below. Check back often for new additions! All of our online podcasts are posted to our podcast channel.

Have ideas for a podcast? Share em with us at connect@​jesuscollective.​com.

Featured Podcasts

April 26, 2022

Jesus Centred Leadership

Why are so many church leaders falling into sin around money, sex, and power? Why isn’t it enough to learn about Jesus in order to know him? Why is an existential encounter with Jesus necessary in order to become like him? Author Michael Frost joins us to talk about the latest edition of his book ReJesus: Remaking The Church In Our Founder’s Image, all about what happens when we pattern ourselves and our churches around Jesus.

Together we explore the aspects of Jesus’ missional life, death, and resurrection that get lost in the business of church, why the church in the west has become so domesticated by secular culture, new models and changes that are necessary for the church to engage secular people over the next 10 years, plus models and examples of Jesus-centred churches that are living out the radical mission of Jesus in their contexts today.

Michael Frost is a veteran missional practitioner, theologian, author, and equipper. He’s the founding Director of the Tinsley Institute, a mission study centre located at Morling College in Sydney, Australia.

# Regional Gatherings

Regional gatherings are an opportunity to learn more about Jesus Collective, cast vision together, meet new like-minded peers, and network relationally with people in your neck of the woods. They are informal, typically one-day events that also feature a focused development session with a thought leader centred on themes and topics of interest to this movement.

These gatherings are currently on hold until we’re able to meet in person again, so stay tuned for updates and feel free to reach out to us with any questions

We’ve held events in cities in Canada, the US, and the UK. Check back regularly to see an updated listing, and give us a shout if you’d like to request a gathering in your area.

# Innovation Labs

We host online and in-person innovation labs that bring together like-minded church partners within our network to collaborate around current opportunities and challenges facing our churches and communities. These include focused, facilitated forums, best practice sharing, cross pollination of innovative Kingdom ideas, and mutual equipping and encouragement.

Innovation labs can be one or more sessions online or in person, and are custom designed to meet the needs of the participants.

Sample topics include envisioning the future of the church post COVID-19, ideas for effectively reaching spiritually curious people, being on mission in a post-Christian context, Jesus-centred discipleship frameworks and approaches, and church governance best practices.

If you’re Interested in proposing or joining an innovation lab, we’d love to talk.