Bring the centered approach to your church or community with this five-part video series and discussion guide.

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None of us can live into the potential of a centered approach to ministry single-handedly. We need others in our church or community to join us. Before we can do that, we need a shared understanding of concepts.

We’ve teamed up with Mark Baker to bring you the resources you need to make this happen. Designed for individual study, or for use in your staff team or home group, this video series presents the basics of bounded, fuzzy, and centered sets according to the first three chapters of Mark Baker’s book Centered-Set Church.

The videos engage viewers through stories, diagrams, and examples. The accompanying Discussion Guide includes discussion questions designed to lead participants in imagining possible ways God might use this approach in their lives and community. This resource is designed to inform, excite, and inspire others to turn from bounded or fuzzy approaches and together center on Jesus.

Mark Baker

Mark D. Baker

Professor of Mission & Theology

Mark D. Baker (PhD, Duke University) is professor at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary in Fresno, California. He served as a missionary in Honduras for ten years and has written a number of books, including Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures (with Jayson Georges) and Recovering the Scandal of the Cross (with Joel B. Green).

What's Included

Exclusive access to Mark’s five-part video series and PDF Discussion Guide.

  1. Bounded Church and Fuzzy Church
    Through real-life stories, this video leads viewers to feel what it is like to participate in bounded and fuzzy churches.
  2. The Fruit of Bounded, Fuzzy, and Centered Churches
    Through diagrams and relatable examples, Mark explains the concepts of bounded and fuzzy churches and introduces a third-way alternative — Centered Churches. Mark presents and evaluates the fruit of each.
  3. Responding to Questions about a Centered Church
    Provides clarification of the centered church model. Mark Baker responds to questions about the centered-church approach.
  4. God of the Center
    Our conceptions about God will influence whether we do church in a bounded, fuzzy, or centered way. An exploration of Luke 15 displays coherence between the centered approach and the God revealed by Jesus Christ.
  5. Imagining Centered Alternatives
    Presents five real-life scenarios, invites viewers to imagine how to respond in a centered way, and reports how some centered churches did respond to these situations.