My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
(2 Corinthians 12:9)

Hey Friends,

2020 has had a way of exposing the fragility of our humanity, hasn’t it? Yet together with so many of you, at Jesus Collective we’ve seen how our vulnerability provides a unique opportunity to unite around Jesus amidst our differences, our struggles, the pain, the uncertainty, and the polarization. Because of Jesus, our brokenness becomes a ticket of entry to his radically countercultural, subversive, upside-down, power-under Kingdom of love – where our weakness allows his strength to shine; where love replaces hatred for enemies; where compassion and justice upend oppression; where unity in diversity is a powerful apologetic; where peace is vigilantly pursued. Where his grace is enough.

Through the challenges, there’s so much we’re grateful for at Jesus Collective. We’ve shared just a few highlights below, but numbers only say so much. As we turn the corner out of pilot” into life as a network – with more early momentum than we expected – we see a relational community taking shape, leaders being formed and equipped, and the gentle way of Jesus being amplified as God continues to raise up a movement much bigger than us.

We love relationships – they’re the backbone of our network. This quote from one of our Partners says so much about the impact we’re experiencing together as a new and growing collective:

The relationships I’ve gained will last a lifetime. The transformation brought is beyond words. And Jesus has been made more real to me than ever before.”

God is up to something, friends. Consider this a warm invitation to get your weakness on and join the ride with us!

Wishing you a peaceful and joy-filled Christmas on behalf of the Jesus Collective team. 

Matt Miles
Executive Director, Jesus Collective

PS: See the video below for a special Christmas message!

Things to Celebrate
  • We’ve received over 40 Partner applications from churches and leaders in seven countries looking to join and shape a Jesus-centred community and advance this movement together.
  • 150 Pastoral and Ministry Leaders experienced formation in the way of Jesus through our Online Learning Collectives, Jesus-centred Essentials course, and Racial Reconciliation workshop in 2020.
  • Over 500 people from 20 countries joined our UNITE | ONLINE conference in May.
Things to Look Forward To
  • Mark your calendars – we’re streaming a live conversation with author & pastor Andy Stanley all about how centring on Jesus changes everything! Join us on Jan 14 @ 2PM ET.
  • Tracking with us but want to learn more? Connect With Us on Jan 20 @ 2:30PM to learn about who we are, what we’re about, and how you can get involved.
  • On February 10 & 17, we’re hosting a two-day learning experience on Jesus-centred preaching in a complex world – what it means and how to do it well. Learn more and get signed up here.
Next Steps
  • Partnership is the relational backbone of Jesus Collective, made up of like-minded churches & leaders who want to belong and journey together with Jesus at the centre. Learn more about how you can get involved here.
  • We’re a collaborative network fuelled and supported by the contributions of our community on so many levels, including finances. This Christmas season, we invite you to consider investing in uniting, equipping, and amplifying this Jesus-centred movement with us. Your giving equips more Jesus-centred leaders to disciple their communities in the Jesus Way! Donate to Jesus Collective here.
  • Connect with us! We’d love to keep the conversation going, so please feel free to reach out if you have questions, want to chat more about next steps, or just to say hello. Shoot us a message at connect@​jesuscollective.​com