Theology Rooted in the Radical Reformation
August 4 & 11, 2021, 1:00 – 5:00PM ET

What do we mean by Jesus-centred theology? What are the implications of Jesus-centred theology for our discipleship, spirituality, Scriptural interpretation, leadership, community, and mission in these complex times?

Join us for a two-day experience of learning, conversation, and community with some incredible Jesus-centred thought leaders and practitioners.

Heads up: Space is limited, so sign up today! 

Who's this for?

# Who’s this for?

Church, ministry, and business leaders who are:

  • New to Jesus-centred theology but want to learn more.
  • Know the basics but want to explore how it all works together.
  • Hungry to understand the implications of Radical Reformation theological approaches.
  • Excited to create a Jesus-centred culture within their community and ministry context.

# What can I expect?

Together we will:

  • Explore the implications of and differences between theology rooted in the Reformation and Jesus-centred theology rooted in the Radical Reformation.
  • Receive live roundtable instruction from skilled thought leaders and practitioners.
  • Explore how the Jesus-centred way intersects with contemporary culture.
  • Participate in breakout conversations and shared learning with other Jesus-centred leaders.
  • Get access to all session recordings for continued study and refreshers.

# Contributors

# Key Topics

  • Background and historical witness of the Radical Reformation movement
  • What is God like? God looks like Jesus
  • Who is Jesus? Jesus is Lord and cruciform love
  • How do we read Scripture differently with Jesus at the centre?
  • What does a Jesus-centred church look like? A community of disciples with a commitment to peacemaking, nonviolent enemy love, and counter-cultural disciple making, reconciliation, and simplicity
  • How does a Jesus-centred church engage with secular and religiously-minded people?

# Schedule

Day One — Core Components of Jesus-Centred Theology
August 4, 1:00 — 5:00 PM ET

  • 1:00 PM — Story of Radical Reformation Theology with Paul Eddy
  • 2:06 PM — Character of God: God Looks Like Jesus with Bruxy Cavey
  • 2:48 PM — Break
  • 3:05 PM — If God Looks Like Jesus, Which Jesus? with Greg Boyd
  • 3:57 PM — Break
  • 4:04 PM — Interpreting Scripture with Jesus at the Centre with Meghan Good

Day Two — Characteristics of a Jesus-Centred Church
August 11, 1:00 – 5:00PM ET

  • 1:00 PM — A Community of Counter Cultural Disciples with Tara Beth Leach
  • 2:07 PM — A Community of Peacemakers with Samuel Sarpiya
  • 2:47 PM — Break
  • 3:06 PM — A Community of Reconciliation and Simplicity with Hank Johnson
  • 3:58 PM — Break
  • 4:05 PM — Jesus-Centered Church on Mission in Religious and Secular Cultures with David Fitch

# Registration Details

Includes live access to all sessions on August 4 and 11, plus access to all recorded content after the event.

Space is limited to keep a relational learning environment, so sign up today!

Jesus Collective Partner Rate:

$45 CAD + admin fee
Approx $39 USD* + admin fee

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Non-Partner Rate:
$95 CAD + admin fee
Approx. $80 USD* + admin fee

*USD rates are approximate based on current exchange rates