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May 16, 2023

How and Why Should We Practice Enemy Love with Jon Hand

48 min

Jesus tells us to love our enemies. He doesn’t mean a hypothetical imagined enemy either. It is a love that goes beyond common sense. Jesus Collective Leadership Development Pastor Jon Hand reflects on learning to love your enemy from Matthew 5. Jon originally taught this sermon at The Meeting Place, a church in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, and we thought our wider Jesus Collective audience would enjoy it as well.

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May 3, 2023

How to Recapture a Radical Jesus with J.W. Buck

48 min

In this episode with J.W. Buck, we explore why it's important to reveal the radical Jesus: the Jesus who teaches on justice, relating to the poor, and what it means to be salt and light in the world. We'll get into Buck's book, "Everyday Activism" to answer some questions about creating social change, and dive briefly into the seven practices of justice he outlines in the book. J.W. Buck is a Christian faith leader and entrepreneur contending for a less violent world. He is the co-founder at Pax — which is an organization that desires to equip the next generation to pursue peace, justice, and wholeness in the world. And one of the ways they do that is through Jesus-centred content created by people of colour.

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March 28, 2023

Wars & man-eating locust, really? Finding Jesus in Revelation with Jeremy Duncan

1 hr 11 min

The book of Revelation has been used to justify religious violence, greed in regards to climate stewardship, and distractions from Jesus with apocalyptic doom scrolling. Pastor Jeremy Duncan shares helpful insights from his book to help leaders and thoughtful Christians have tools for how to approach this often misunderstood and misused book of the Bible. Jeremy's refreshing approach will illuminate a more hope-filled and prophetic expression of Jesus through this mysterious book.

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March 14, 2023

A Jesus Centred Renewal Experience at Asbury & 24/7 Prayer with Pastor Keith Smith

1 hr 18 min

Jesus Collective partner and pastor Keith Smith shares about launching a 24/7 prayer room at his Ohio-based church, and his recent experience of attending the outpouring at Asbury University. We chat about encountering God, doubts, skepticism, and the ability to recover a childlike sense of wonder and awe in the face of God's mystery. Keith invites us into his journey of being Spiritually re-awakened on the other side of loss and pain.

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March 7, 2023

Markers for a Jesus-Centred Transformation | 4. Power & Suffering with Drew Hart

1 hr 10 min

This podcast is the fourth part of an ongoing series that is exploring Five Markers for a Jesus-Centred Transformation. In this episode we are joined by Dr. Drew Hart (Messiah University) who helps us explore the statement, "evil is overcome through the power of suffering love." Dr. Hart draws on the wisdom of the BIPOC community as he reflects on taking the way of Jesus seriously in how we overcome evil.

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March 7, 2023

Markers for a Jesus-Centred Transformation | 5. Holy Spirit with Tania Harris & Adam Dyer

1 hr 23 min

Join guests Tania Harris and Adam Dyer as we explore the next Marker for a Jesus-Centred Transformation: The Holy Spirit empowers us to partner with God's work of reconciling all things. What does it mean for a Jesus-centred movement to welcome the Holy Spirit in this way? Tania and Adam also share insights into how we can be mindful of those in our communities who have experienced spiritual abuse, while also remaining open to the Spirit's power.

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February 8, 2023

Markers for a Jesus-Centred Transformation | 3. Community & Gospel with Paul Eddy

1 hr 28 min

This podcast is the third part of an ongoing series that is exploring Five Markers for a Jesus-Centred Transformation. In this episode we’re joined by Dr. Paul Eddy (Professor of Theology at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota). We discuss our second reformation statement: To be saved includes belonging to a community under Jesus called to live the life of the future now. We explore why salvation is bigger than individualism, why we were created for community, why community sometimes sucks, and what it means to live into a future vision of the Kingdom community.

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December 16, 2022

Markers for a Jesus-Centred Transformation | 2. Reading Scripture with Brad Jersak

1 hr 14 min

This episode is part of our series exploring Five Markers for a Jesus-Centred Transformation. We’re joined by Brad Jersak who walks us through why we need a more Christlike God, and what it means to read Scripture with Jesus at the centre. We all carry around ideas, images, and experiences of God. It's important to unearth these stories, these experiences, and pictures of God, because the God we imagine is the God we become like. So what is God like? The witness of Scripture is that God is like Jesus - Jesus is what God has to say! And this radical truth reshapes everything.

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December 12, 2022

How Can We Amplify a Jesus-Centred Movement Together in 2023?

39 min

We're winding down 2022 with a look back at the year and what's ahead for 2023!
The Jesus Collective Core Leadership Team shares about our vision and future initiatives. Tip - there's opportunities you're going to want to be part of!
Listen to their chat about that and what's coming for the new year: fundraising for the mission, progress on leadership development, ways to engage, and a year end fiscal update.

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December 7, 2022

Listening to the Spirit Together with Tania Harris | UNITE '22

21 min

What does it mean to hear God’s voice? Why isn’t this aspect of faith a normal part of all Christian leaders’ experience with God? How can we tell when we’re hearing the voice of God? What difference does it make if we have a Jesus-centred approach to hearing the voice of God? These are some of the challenging questions that Tania Harris powerfully addresses in this talk.

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