How to courageously lead congregations toward unity and peace in the way of Jesus
October 4, 12 & 18

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# What we explored

  • The difference between peacemaking and peacekeeping
  • What Jesus taught about how to disagree
  • How to create room for diverse opinions to be shared without canceling each other
  • What role social media is playing in polarization
  • How we can work to identify secular ideologies that polarize us and distract us from Jesus
  • How we can embed the practices and postures of peacemaking into the culture of our churches
  • How having Jesus at the centre can create room for relational unity while holding divergent views and beliefs

# Contributors

# Jesus Collective Partnership

Partnership is the relational backbone of Jesus Collective — the core community within our network. Partners are the churches, ministries, and individual leaders that are relationally invested in Jesus Collective and together engaged in the vision and ongoing mission of the network. They’re our peeps. They’re our Family.