Jesus-Centred Preaching in a Complex World

Hey friends, this page is where we’re hosting all of the content from our Jesus-Centred Preaching Learning Experience! We’re so glad you were able to join us — keep scrolling to (re)watch the plenary sessions & workshops and access slides from all of our incredible thought leaders. 

# Plenary Sessions

The Character of the Preacher
with Leanne Friesen

Pastor Leanne Friesen shares powerfully about the role of the preacher’s inner character in sermon living. Leanne gives practical nuances to our role as imperfect practitioners of what we preach while highlighting some of the common identity traps we fall into as preachers & teachers. Be prepared to be challenged by this talk.

Jesus-Centred Preaching that Equips People to Live Like Jesus
with Mark Scandrette

Pastor and author Mark Scandrette explores a simple model that acts as an alternative or supplement to the classic sermon. Mark’s approach invites people to not just learn more about Jesus but to act and live as Jesus lived as a means of embodied practical discipleship. This is a thought-provoking session on the opportunity we have to equip people to live like Jesus.

Preaching to Post-Christian Cultures
with Brian Ross

Professor and church planter Brian Ross equips us in how to preach and teach to those who are secular and unconvinced of the relevance and power of Jesus’ story. Brian shares ten helpful insights into how increasing our understanding of culture and Jesus can impact how we translate the Gospel in our cultural moment. 

Forming Radical Disciples through Jesus-centred Preaching
with Rici Skei

Pastor Rici Skei shares a powerful message on the ways the version of Jesus that we preach impacts the kinds of disciples we shape. Rici also has some powerful insights during her Q&A time on how preaching can facilitate racial reconciliation & cultural diversity in our churches. 

# Workshops

Preaching that Facilitates Racial and Cultural Diversity
with Shannon Polk

Learn how preaching has the power to move a church toward greater inclusion of racial, economic, and cultural diversity to better reflect diverse communities and the Kingdom of God.

Preaching Prep: 6 Steps for Turning Scripture into a Transformational Sermon
with Annette Brownlee

New to preaching or just looking for a brush up? This workshop will equip you with practical ways to prepare a transformational, Jesus-centred sermon.

Preaching to Gen z and Young Millennials
with Jeremy Duncan

The most unchurched generation in modern history is Gen Z. What do you need to know about preaching that can help you better connect these younger generations to Jesus?

Preaching to Secular-Minded People
with Brian Ross

Many cultures in North America and Europe are now 2 – 3 generations removed from any Christian witness. What should we be doing in our preaching to ensure we’re connecting with educated, secular-minded people who need us to translate the Gospel into their language and value systems?

# Thought Leaders