Centered-Set Discipleship in the Church: Shaping Disciples Who Practice the Jesus Way in a Judgmental World
August 3 & 10, 2022

Join Professor Mark Baker, author of Centered-Set Church, along with other practitioners featured in the book in a practical exploration of the attitudes, practices, postures, and beliefs of centered-set churches and leadership cultures. 

Centered-set is a discipleship paradigm designed to help church practitioners and leaders create deep confidence in their beliefs and practices while holding them in a way that creates space for difference and disagreement.

Every day, secular and religious cultures are discipling” your congregants toward greater judgmentalism against those who don’t agree with them politically, morally, or theologically. The theological and political right and left often cancel” those who disagree with them while preaching unquestioned moral tolerance to their base. Congregations have never been more polarized, and it’s never been more important to disciple them in a different way.

This Summer Discipleship Series will provide a practical framework and tools for discipling your people in the Jesus Way. Together, we’ll explore and learn from examples of churches who are already integrating centered-set approaches into their discipleship practices, leadership structures, and relationships. Keep scrolling to learn more and join us!

Who's this for?

# Who’s this for?

  • Church leadership teams, staff teams, church boards, and Christian non-profit leadership teams
  • Individual pastoral, ministry, and lay leaders

# When’s it happening?

  • Two interactive online sessions with over 6 hours content with practitioners
  • August 3 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM ET
  • August 10 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM ET

# What’s the schedule?

  • What is a centered-set paradigm and how is it grounded theologically?
  • What difference does a centered-set approach make to:
    • Navigating LGBTQ+ complexities for churches that are Side A and Side B?
    • Preaching, teaching, and discipleship in community?
    • Leadership culture in a polarized age?
  • What difference does a centered-set approach make to:
    • Recovery and addiction ministry?
    • Discipling Millennials and Gen Z in an age of therapeutic deism and wholesale tolerance?
    • Evangelism and cultural engagement in a secular age?

# What’s included?

  • Learning from Mark Baker and 10+ practitioners including Lead Pastors, Youth Pastors, Teaching Pastors, and Pioneering Evangelists from small, mid-sized, and large churches and para-church organizations
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Guided breakout sessions

# Contributors

# Registration and Pricing

Single Day Registration — August 32022

Individual Regular Rate: $49* pp / Team Rate (3+): $42* pp /
30% off for Jesus Collective Partners

Two Day Registration — August 3 & 10, 2022

Individual Regular Rate: $90* pp / Team Rate (3+): $76* pp /
30% off for Jesus Collective Partners

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