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Join us as we spend 2 days forming relationships and tackling key issues facing our churches and ministries, asking the important question: “What does Kingdom unity look like in polarizing times?

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Online Learning Collectives

Jesus-centred Leadership Formation is one of the key areas of focus for Jesus Collective. We’re excited to be piloting a series of Online Learning Collectives – six week, cohort based formation experiences featuring facilitated small group learning, weekly spiritual practices, live Interaction with thought leaders, one-on-one coaching, interactive online forums, and curated learning resources.

Join our next Online Learning Collective Cohort Pilot: Exploring Together the Jesus-Centred Way in a Polarized World. Including live interactions with Bruxy Cavey, Danielle Strickland, Brad Jersak, Greg Boyd, and others.

This learning collective will run from mid-April to late May, 2020.

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Online Interactive Podcasts

We’re experimenting with a series of relational, podcast-style equipping hangouts. We want to create space for like-minded leaders to wrestle with what Jesus-centred living and leadership means, while learning from and engaging with thought and practice leaders from this growing Jesus-centred movement. In each online gathering, attendees can interact with our guest presenter and each other through a live discussion and Q&A time, and join smaller break-out rooms to meet others and process the content together. The content will be challenging and provide some practical equipping ideas that can make a difference in our everyday Jesus-centred life and leadership.  

We’re hosting a series of these gatherings with a range of guests and topics, so check back over the coming months for updates.  

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Our upcoming podcasts are listed below:

Exploring Approaches to LGBTQ+ Inclusion
February 26, 2020, 2-4pm EST

Join Jesus Collective for a live interactive conversation featuring two churches that are taking different approaches to welcoming and including the LGBTQ+ community in the life of the church. We’ll learn together through interactive conversation with Jeremy Duncan of Commons Church in Calgary, AB, and Jeremy Jernigan of Abundant Life Church in the Portland, OR area. These two churches are both seeking to keep Jesus central to everything they do, yet land in two different places in how they love and disciple LGBTQ+ persons.

Do you wrestle with how to navigate this important and delicate reality in this cultural moment? With the guidance of the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit, communal discernment, and the centrality of Jesus, we can find our way forward together.

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Previous Podcasts

Missed out on a previous podcast? Grab your favourite beverage, notebook and writing instrument and check out the Jesus Collective Podcast.

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Regional Vision Casting Gatherings

Join us for an informal gathering with other pastors and ministry leaders who are interested in learning more about this new Jesus-centered network we’re shaping called Jesus Collective. It’s a time to cast vision, share input and feedback, listen and learn, pray together, meet some new friends, and network relationally. We’d love to see you at one!

What to expect:

  • Learn more about the vision for Jesus Collective and plans in the works
  • Special interactive session with Pastor and Author Bruxy Cavey – Unpacking the question: “What is Jesus-Centered theology?”
  • Chance to ask questions, share input and feedback about Jesus Collective
  • Meet some new like-minded friends
  • Time to pray together

Upcoming Gatherings:

  • UK Region Online Gathering – February 20, 2020.
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